what to do mauritius Top 10 Things To Do On A Mauritius Holiday

The Indian Ocean is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and Mauritius is no exception.  If you’re looking to add Mauritius to your travel itinerary, be sure to check out this list of top 10 things to do on a Mauritius holiday. From exploring the stunning countryside to indulging in some of the island’s delicious fruits and cuisine, there is plenty to explore on this paradise-like island.

Have Fun

Mauritius is a beautiful island with plenty of things to do on your holiday. From exploring its stunning coastline to trekking through its rugged mountains, there’s something for everyone on this tropical paradise. Here are some of our favourites:

1) Go swimming in the crystal-clear ocean. Mauritius has some of the best beaches in the world and it’s easy to find clear ocean water perfect for swimming.

2) Kayak or sail around the islands. Mauritius is home to some amazing coral reefs and world-famous scuba diving spots. Rent a kayak or canoe and explore them yourself!

3) Visit one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mauritius is home to several beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including UNESCO’s second-most inscribed site, Poincaré National Park, and Vallee de Mai National Park.

4) Learn about Mauritian culture at a traditional village demonstration or cultural festival. In rural areas all over Mauritius, you can visit traditional villages where you can learn about their culture by participating in traditional demonstrations or festivals. Showing visitors around gives locals an opportunity to share their unique heritage with the world!

5) Take a day trip out to Réunion Island. Réunion Island is just a short ferry ride from Mauritius and offers stunningly different scenery – from highland rain forests to coral beaches – making it

Discover the island’s natural beauty

what to do mauritius

If you’re looking for a truly relaxing holiday, Mauritius is the island for you. With its stunning natural beauty and unspoiled beaches, it’s no wonder this is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Here are some of the best things to do on a Mauritius holiday:

1. Hike through the Champ de Mars Nature Reserve: This reserve is home to some of Mauritius’ most impressive forests and mountains, making it an ideal spot for hiking and nature photography.

2. Explore Port Louis: One of the island’s main attractions, Port Louis is full of historic buildings and lively markets.

3.Kayak in Baie des Citrons: This stunning bay is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. Kayaking here is a great way to see all the different species of marine life that inhabit the area.

4. Capture sunset photos from Table Mountain: This imposing mountain peak offers stunning views across Port Louis and the surrounding islands – perfect for photo ops before nightfall.

Learn about Mauritius’ history and culture

Mauritius is known for its serenity and beauty. The country has a rich history that predates colonialism by over 1,000 years. The first settlers arrived in Mauritius in the 2nd century BC, and the island became an important stop on the spice route. In 1510, Portuguese explorers discovered Mauritius and named it Ilha do Perequilho, or Bird Island.

The French brought Christianity to Mauritius, and they built many impressive colonial buildings. In 1835, Mauritius became a French crown colony.

Over the next few decades, Mauritius underwent significant changes as new technologies were introduced. In 1888, electric lights were installed in Port Louis and this marked the beginning of modernization on the island. By 1920, almost all of Mauritius’ villages had been replaced by townships.

Taste the local cuisine

Mauritius is a paradisiacal island paradise with a staggering array of stunningly beautiful beaches and some of the best local cuisine on the planet. Here are just a few suggestions:
2.Visit The Valley Of The Two Elephants: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to two enormous elephant herds that roam freely in the lush forest landscape. You can watch them from your car or hike up to see them close up – it’s an unforgettable experience!
3. You can ride along quiet paths through forests and hills, or take a longer journey into the heart of the countryside where you’ll have plenty of chances to see wildlife like monkeys and peacocks.

Make new friends

Making new friends is one of the most rewarding things you can do on a Mauritius holiday.

Join a soccer or tennis club. These are popular sports in Mauritius, and there are often teams available for newcomers to join. You’ll soon be part of the community and able to explore different parts of the island.

Attend social events.  Organised by the locals, these events can offer an excellent opportunity to meet new people and have some fun.

Take part in cultural activities.

what to do mauritius Have a grand old time

what to do mauritius

From lounging by the beach to exploring ancient temples, these are the top things to do on a Mauritius holiday:

1. Head to Mahé for a day of sun and sand. This picturesque island is perfect for a lazy beach day, complete with parasailing and water sports.

2. Roam around the lively towns of Curepipe or Port Louis. Both offer plenty of shopping opportunities and delicious food options.

3. Take in some of Mauritius’ UNESCO-listed heritage sites like the Vaadhoo lighthouse or Sinhala Buddhist monastery at Achiemeville.

5. Explore the charming villages dotted throughout the island – each with its own story to tell!


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