Spotify acquired Heardle, the Wordle-inspired music “guessing game”

If you attempted to play Heardle this morning, you got redirected to a Spotify website, which wasn’t a malfunction. Spotify said it recently purchased the Wordle-inspired music guessing game, which the streaming site will use to promote music discovery.


Heardle is one of the several popular spin offs developed on the premise of Wordle, a game formerly owned by The New York Times. In this game, you listen to the first second of a popular song. If you can guess the answer to the title of the song in one three seconds, congratulations, you win! If not, you have six tries to guess, and after each failed guess, the length of the clip doubles. At the time of your last guess, you have a full 16 seconds to see if you’re the consummate music guru you think you are.


“For existing Heardle players, the game’s look and layout will not be different, and it won’t have changed in cost to play. Effective today, it’s possible to listen to the whole song on Spotify after the conclusion of your gameplay.”

Heardle invited players to make crypto-transactions through ko-fi, a crowdfunding tool, beforehand of its acquisition. Its ko-fi page has since been deactivated, although some fans inclined to take in different directions continue to create spin-offs including some called Lorde Shapiro (an missed opportunity to call it Lorde Heardle).

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The New York Times paid Wordle in the low seven figures for an undisclosed sum Heardle 80s, but Spotify did not divulge the cost of its purchase. Wordle appears to be paying off for the newspaper, which indicates in its quarterly earnings that the game brought in tens of millions of new visitors to its site. After playing the Wordle puzzle for the day, the users are served a small advertisement for a game in The New York Times called Spelling Bee. Heardle – Heardle Game This could possibly be indicative of the fact that The New York Times saw its greatest ever quarter for net subscriber additions to Games after a recent acquisition.

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Though Heardle may not be as popular as Wordle, it’s still a strategic option for Spotify. According to web analytics company SimilarWeb, the game peaked at approximately 69 million monthly desktop and mobile web visits in March. Last month, the  website was visited roughly 41 million times.


This acquisition makes sense for Spotify as Heardle 90s it attempts to improve music discovery and convince listeners to stick with the platform. The Spotify Wrapped feature, which even saw its own game released this year, may serve as an inspiration for Heardle to draw organic social media shares. Even Spotify ‘s Twitter account has gotten in on the fun.


Spotify has specialized in podcasts and game-based content including Megaphone, Anchor, and Podz over the last few years, but this move marks Spotify’s first acquisition of a game company. Even Netflix is attempting to leverage games to help boost its original content.

Today’s ‘Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Friday, February 12

Today’s Heardle answer and clues for Friday, February 12 are here! Heardle is a daily puzzle game that tests your knowledge of trivia, riddles, and popular culture. If you’re looking for an exciting challenge to keep your brain sharp, Heardle is perfect for you! Today’s question might be tough but it’s sure to reward those who can figure it out. Ready? Here’s the clue: “A landmark in California known as ‘the Heart of Hollywood.’” Think you know the answer? Put your best guess in the comments section below! Good luck and have fun solving today’s Heardle puzzle!


Spotify acquired Heardle, the Wordle-inspired music

Spotify has acquired the popular music streaming service Heardle, a play on Wordle that created user-generated soundscapes from their own music libraries.

Heardle: Is an innovative product that takes streaming to a whole new level. Not only does it allow users to create unique mixes of their own music, but also encourages them to explore and discover new sounds and songs. With features like auto-playlists. Users are able to easily access curated musical experiences tailored specifically for them. As well as share their creations with friends.

The acquisition of Heardle by Spotify will undoubtedly benefit both companies; While it gives Spotify access to an exciting technology. It also provides Heardle with the resources and reach necessary for them to become even more successful than they already are.


What is Heardle? How to Play the Viral Music Game

Heardle is the hottest new music game taking over the internet. It’s a simple, yet addicting game that anyone can play anytime and anywhere. Developed by a passionate team of music lovers. Heardle is the perfect way to spend your time while having fun with friends or family.

The game consists of two parts: creating your own song and listening to other players’ creations. To create a song. You select from hundreds of loops and sounds in different genres like hip hop, rock and pop. Then you layer these samples on top of each other to make something totally unique! Once you’ve built your beat. You can choose an artist name for yourself and upload it for others to listen to and rate. When people like your track. It will be featured in popular music charts across platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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